Report on the 3rd virtual conference (webinar) of the Hungarian Social Forum on the Future of Europe and the Social Pillar of the European Union

The webinar was held on 23rd April 2021 with six keynote speakers and about two dozens of participants, members of the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) grouping in the Hungarian Social Forum (HSF). The webinar was opened by Matyas Benyik, Chairman of HSF. He has given a piece of information on the Declaration of the Conference on the Future of Europe organised by the European Commission, the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament early March 2021.                                                        

Dr. Nicolas Schmit, European Union`s Commissioner for Jobs an Social Rights sent us a video message, in which he greeted the participants  of our webinar. The video is  downloadable LR MP4 here: 

or FHD MP4:

It is quite remarkable that Dr. László Andor, former EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, former Head of the Scientific Council of ATTAC Hungary gave us a lecture on the political pillars of Social Europe.

Dr. István Horváth, Head of the Department of Labour and Social Law of Eötvös Loránd University, Secretary of the Hungarian Labour Law Society  was talking about the virtues, objections and shortcomings of the Hungarian Labour Law , which entered into force 9 years ago.

The following speaker`s contribution, namely that of Mr. László Kordás, President of the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation about the general and national requirements for instruments to promote the overarching interests of the European workers` society well matched to the previous speaker.

Annajuli Rosenfeld and Péter Somogyi, Coordinators of the Hungarian Solidarity Action Group consisting of 29 CSOs presented us the operating conditions of European youth NGOs in creating cooperation between caring societies.

Dr. Zoltán Tóth,  Ex-Secretary of State of the Ministry of Interior, former Chairman of the National Electoral Commission, election expert explained in details how to transform the election system  of the EU politicl decisin-making bodies.

Finally, Dr. László Herczog, former Minister of Labour and Social Affairs set the tasks for establisment of European and national regulations and mechanisms to ensure and maintain the balance of the labour market and the social network.

All the webinar was recorded and the speakers` contributions were cut into clips and now available (regretfully  only in Hungarian) on Youtube, the relevant links are as follows:

Mátyás Benyik Mátyás  (introduction)                       

László Andor  (political pillars of social Europe)

István Horváth István(Hungarian Labour Law)         

László Kordás (everyday`s  TU expreinces)                           

Annajuli Rosenfeld & Péter Somogyi (Youth and care)   

Zoltán Tóth (EU election system)                               

László Herczog (labour market and social net)           We enlose herewith the summary of the conference in English (translated with the help of deepL translation robot).


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